No FFL / FOID faxing or uploading required to buy ammo in most states!
Can you buy ammo online? Of course you can! Buying ammo online is something some people avoid because they are not familiar with the ammunition laws in their area. However, as long as you known the laws in your jurisdiction, buying ammo online can be a great way to buy hard to find ammunition at great prices. The next time you find yourself asking “Can I buy ammo online?”, simply check this page for information on federal, state and local laws on shipping ammunition while ordering online. Buy Ammo Online Ready to buy ammunition online? If you already know your local ammo laws you can go directly to our ammunition store. If not, please review our Shipping & Returns, Frequently Asked Questions, this page, and agree to the Terms and Conditions at checkout to buy online from Ammunition Store! Only residents in the restricted areas below will need to send the required credentials via fax or e-mail before our products can be shipped. For more information on guns and ammunition laws in your state, visit the NRA-ILA state laws page. AGE RESTRICTIONS: You must be 21 years of age to purchase handgun ammunition and at least 18 years of age to purchase rifle ammunition. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO DOUBLE CHECK YOUR STATE / LOCAL LAWS Any order placed that does not meet these legal requirements will be automatically canceled and refunded minus a 4% fee. Why you ask? If you place an order online we get charged a fee by the credit card companies for the transaction, we will not absorb this cost due to people not knowing their state laws.